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Pandemic Motivated Thoughts


Lately I’ve been thinking about life and death.

With the coronavirus making the entire world more keenly aware of death and dying, I decided to find out how many people die around the planet on a daily basis. What I found out is that 150,000+ people die every single day around the world. And even more astonishing, 360,000+ people are born every day. That’s a whole lot of coming and going.

Navigating the Pandemic

Having never experienced a global event like this pandemic before I am now more curious about it than anything else. Sure, I am absolutely concerned about the health and well-being of my family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and clients. And I am following all the recommended protocols established by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control as well as local government. However, I am motivated to look a little deeper as I wonder what greater purpose this event is serving. I wonder if and how we humans will be different as a result?

Not knowing how long we will have to remain in our homes isolated from the normal social interaction of business and commerce, makes me realize how interconnected everything is — it’s clearly visible in a way it never has been before. With virtually every industry brought to either a grinding halt or a massively slower pace, there’s time to think about what’s really important.

Putting Life Events on Hold

While we cannot postpone births or deaths, we can postpone the rituals associated with those events. We can postpone weddings and other celebrations that once seemed incredibly important. While I don’t want to diminish the life events that we have always cherished, I suddenly realize there are more pressing issues. For instance, how will families who are living paycheck to paycheck feed their children now? How will they pay the rent or the mortgage?

Of course the wealthiest of the species, like those Senators, one who represents our home state of Georgia, who were forewarned about this pandemic and used the information for their personal gain, will not suffer the way the poorest or middle class will. But the actions and motivations of the wealthiest are going to be crucial now. It remains to be seen who will act with integrity now and who will not. And the whole world is watching.

I pray for the safety and well-being of all who are serving in every capacity from the supermarkets and hospitals to the Senate, be they in integrity or not.


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