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You May Qualify For Long-term Care Even If Your Income Exceeds Medicaid Requirements

For a great many people, long-term care is too costly to pay for out-of-pocket. Likewise, long-term care insurance is beyond the reach of many. While…

Any Affirmative Mark Can Serve As A Signature On Legal Documents When Someone Has the Cognitive But Not Physical Capacity to Sign

What happens if, due to an injury or medical condition, a person can no longer write? Does that mean they can never have the authority…

wills and probate

Asset Protection, Wills and Probate: Where There’s A Will There’s A Probate

Asset protection, wills and probate… there is a close relationship to discuss… We commonly hear the term “probate” whenever someone starts thinking about leaving assets…

asset protection and digital assets

Asset Protection and Digital Assets: How To Address Your Digital Assets In Your Estate Plan

When it comes to asset protection and digital assets, a strong estate plan is where we should look first when it comes down to it….

genetic material and your estate plan

Your Genetic Material and Your Estate Plan: How To Address Frozen Sperm, Eggs, and Embryos

Did you know there are special considerations it comes to your genetic material and your estate plan? First you need to understand the relationship between…

ancillary probate with estate planning

How To Avoid Ancillary Probate with Estate Planning

Can you really avoid ancillary probate with estate planning? First we need to look at what ancillary probate is. Only then can we discuss whether…

assisted living in georgia

Assisted Living in Georgia: When Is It Time To Consider Placing A Loved One into Assisted Care

Assisted living in Georgia… it’s a subject many of us have had to consider… Most people I’ve explored the subject with – I include myself…

create an estate plan

Proactively Create An Estate Plan That Addresses Your Minor Children’s Needs In The Worst-Case Scenario

Think you don’t need to create an estate plan? You might not think you need to create an estate plan. After all, in life, it’s…

why have a land trust in Georgia

What Is A Land Trust And Why Would You Want One In Georgia

“Land trusts in Georgia are conserving family farms and ranches and important natural areas that protect wildlife and plant habitat. Land trusts are working to…

avoid probate

Avoid Probate And Avoid Putting Children’s Names On Deed

Did you know you could avoid probate without adding a child’s name to deed? Many parents put their children’s name on the deed to the…

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