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The Value Of Attorney-Client Privilege In Estate Planning

Attorney-client privilege is a term that is frequently referenced in TV shows and movies. Most people understand that it means attorneys cannot disclose conversations held…

Georgia estate law and college age students

Georgia Estate Law & Asset Protection: Your College-Bound 18-Year-Old Needs Two Important Legal Documents

If you’re sending your teenager off to college for the first time and they are 18 or older, you’ll want to make sure they have two important legal documents to give to the university so that you will have rights that you’re likely not ready to give up at this point in your child’s life. The first document is a Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA). The second is a Financial Power of Attorney (FPOA).

differences between a will and a trust

The Differences Between a Will and a Trust: Why You Would Want One Over The Other

Why do we need to consider the differences between a will and a trust? Today, more people continue to discover the importance of making their…

having a will - lessons from Aretha Franklin

Having A Will: Aretha Franklin Teaches The Living The Importance Of Making Sure You Do!

Many people don’t think about having a will until late in life or sometimes… ever! How often have you thought about having a will? Do…

your estate plan and bio materials

Your Estate Plan and Bio Materials: How to Protect Them

When it comes to your estate plan and bio materials, protecting them can be tricky. Understanding your estate plan and bio materials requires specialized understanding….

medical directive

A Medical Directive: The Negative Effects Of Not Having One

What is a medical directive and what happens if you don’t have one? Many people don’t consider a medical directive until they need one. Yet,…

professional fiduciaries

Professional Fiduciaries: When To Use One And What To Expect

Why Consider Professional Fiduciaries? Most people who have heard the term “fiduciary” typically think it applies only to financial advisors. Yet, professional fiduciaries encompass much…

advanced directive in Georgia

The Power Of An Advance Directive In Georgia

When it comes to understanding an advanced directive in Georgia, our state is not unique. In fact, most states have similar laws as the advanced…

elder care and the law

Elder Care and the Law: What It Means To Be A Healthcare Advocate

When it comes to elder care and the law, you may have heard the terms ‘healthcare advocate’ and/or ‘patient advocate.’ These terms are used interchangeably…

will and testament

Elder Law Tips: Is Your Old Will Valid In A New State Of Residence?

How often do you think about your will & testament? This time of year, people start moving. Whether relocating within the same neighborhood, town, a…

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