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why banks sometimes refuse to accept a financial power of attorney in estate planning atlanta

A Financial Power of Attorney: Why Banks Sometimes Might Refuse To Accept Yours

You’ve created an estate plan, assigned a Financial Power of Attorney (POA) and when it comes time for your POA to execute a function, the…

A miller trust - what is it and when might you need one estate planning asset protection atlanta ga

A Miller Trust: What Is It And Why You Might Need One

A Miller Trust could be crucial if you need Medicaid long-term care benefits, but your income exceeds your state’s published income cap which would render…

an underused tool in estate plan strategy umbrella policies atlanta ga

An Underused Tool In Estate Plan Strategy: Umbrella Insurance

We love to think life is predictable. But the fact is, life can be—and often is—very unpredictable. Things happen we could never imagine. Of course,…

diagnosed with dementia elder care tips

Elder Care Tips: Preserving Family Memories When One Is Diagnosed With Dementia

Elder Care Tips for Preserving Family Member Memories After a Dementia Diagnosis Once a family member has been diagnosed with dementia, caring loved ones tend…

estate planning for college students

Pack Your Kids Off To College With Estate Planning Documents

I know estate planning is not exactly the first thing any parent thinks about when kids head off to college for the first time. But…

estate planning for late in life partners with children and no intention of marrying atlanta ga

Estate Planning For Late In Life Partners With Children And No Intention Of Marrying

Providing for children in unmarried partnerships, particularly those relationships formed later in life, is very important. Also, making sure that neither unmarried partner is left out…

estate planning for young families

The Power Of Estate Planning For Young Families

Think you don’t need to think about estate planning if you’re the head of a young family? Planning a family is one of the most…

creating an estate plan in Georgia

Creating An Estate Plan: Key Life Events That Merit A Review Of Your Estate Plan

Once you have gone through the process of creating an estate plan, it’s not the kind of document you put away and forget about until…

filial responsibility in atlanta ga for elder law

What Liability Adult Children Can Have For Their Parent’s Debt

What Filial Responsibility Do Children in Georgia Have for their Parents’ Debts? As more of our aging parents are experiencing cognitive decline prior to moving…

contesting a will in Georgia estate planning atlanta

How A Will In Georgia Could Be Challenged In Probate Court And How To Proactively Plan To Avoid Such Challenges

The last thing anyone who has created a will in Georgia wants is to have the will they so carefully created to be contested. By…

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