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estate planning for blended families

Estate Planning for Blended Families: Navigating Complexities

Estate Planning for Blended Families: How to Manage it Effectively Why consider estate planning for blended families? Blended families have been around for as long…

health directives in estate planning

The Role of Healthcare Directives in Estate Planning

Health directives in estate planning isn’t something that is typically considered. Yet, COVID-19 changed all that to an extent. COVID-19 made more people consider advance healthcare planning.

estate planning trust

Counting and Protecting Your Blessings Through Trust Planning

As the 2023 holiday season proceeds and we approach the end of another year, most of us find ourselves reflecting over the year, counting our…

creating an estate plan

Give Your Loved Ones The Kindest Gift Of All

Creating an estate plan prevents frustration after your passing. It also makes your intentions regarding distribution of your assets clear. Possibly, limiting family drama. It also takes the burden off your loved ones. Your care can be handled the way you want it and assets transferred quickly.

long-term health care

Myth: Long-term Health Care – Free Once Approved For Medicaid

If you believe long-term health care through Medicaid care is free once approved for Medicaid, you’re not alone. Many people believe this myth. However, apart from a handful of cases it simply isn’t true. In fact, most applicants for Medicaid long-term care are responsible for what is commonly referred to as cost-sharing.

trust and asset protection

A Trust and Asset Protection: What Happens If Assets Are Transferred into a Trust to Avoid Creditors

Imagine this scenario: You have somehow gotten into serious financial trouble. Creditors are calling on a regular basis and you decide that you’ll get them off your back by filing for bankruptcy. Before you do, you decide to go to an attorney to create an asset protection plan. You’re setting up an irrevocable trust…

estate planning mistakes

Estate Planning Mistakes: Two Spooky Things That Can Happen To Foul Up An Estate Plan

Several very common estate planning mistakes can truly spook your beneficiaries… Furthermore, such mistakes might undo the good planning that went into the creation of…

estate planning horror stories

Estate Planning Horror Stories: Don’t Let Your Tale Become One!

Would you believe me if I told you there are many estate planning horror stories out there? October is the month when many people start…

wills and trusts in estate planning

Wills and Trusts: Why You Need A Will Even If You Have A Trust

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from prospective clients is: Are wills and trusts both necessary? Why would I need a will…

estate planning and attorney-client privilege

Estate Planning and Attorney-Client Privilege: What’s the Rule? The Value?

When it comes to estate planning and attorney-client privilege, many don’t understand the rules or value. Let’s take a deeper look at estate planning and…

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