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your estate plan in decatur ga and atlanta ga

Your Estate Plan and Owning a Timeshare

When it comes to your estate plan, one thing that many people who purchase timeshares do not understand, is how to properly protect these assets…

legal recourse when doctors ignore end of life directives estate planning atlanta ga

Finally, Legal Recourse When Doctors Ignore End-of-Life Directives

How would you feel if you spent time and money creating your estate plan including a living will and health care directive only to have…

estate planning considerations for blended families asset protection atlanta ga

Blended Families and Estate Planning: Special Considerations

When it comes to blended families and estate planning, there are some special things you need to consider. You’ve probably heard that marriage is better…

when you create an estate plan legal mental capacity requirements vary depending on the legal documents in estate planning atlanta ga

Considerations When You Create An Estate Plan: Legal Mental Capacity Requirements Vary Depending On The Legal Documents

The best way to avoid having to deal with the legal ramifications of diminished mental capacity is to create an estate plan and asset protection…

importance of estate planning documents when you have minor children asset protection atlanta ga

Importance of Estate Planning Documents When You Have Minor Children

Crafting estate planning documents isn’t just for avoiding estate taxes upon death, though many wealthy people view them in this light. An estate plan is…

the kindest gift you can give through your estate plan is a medical directive estate planning atlanta ga

The Kindest Gift You Can Give Through Your Estate Plan Is A Medical Directive

Creating a Last Will and Testament and/or an Estate Plan is a forward-thinking and loving act. However, within your estate plan, the kindest gift you…

plan for death on your terms estate planning asset protection law firm atlanta ga

Plan For Death On Your Terms

Why consider a plan for death?! Historically, we Americans have avoided talking about death as if it were a plague! Yet, it is an inescapable…

breadwinner dies with no will - do you have a will - what happens to surviving spouse when breadwinner dies - estate planning atlanta ga

Do You Have a Will? When Breadwinner Dies With No Will What Happens To Surviving Spouses And Children?

What happens to the spouse and children who remain when a breadwinner dies with no will? About half of all people who die in the…

estate planning after divorce - divorce and estate planning atlanta ga

D.I.V.O.R.C.E And Estate Planning after Divorce

Challenges with estate planning after divorce can be hard to navigate. I came across an article posted last September in which it was stated that…

dementia and elder care tips - tips for celebrating with a loved one who has dementia and alzheimer's - elder care atlanta decatur

Elder Care Tips: Holiday Tips For Celebrating With A Loved One Who Has Dementia / Alzheimer’s

Elder Care Tips for the Holidays When Celebrating with a Loved One Who Has Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease According to official statistics, there are more…

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