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options for long-term care and National Caregivers Day

March 3rd Is National Caregivers Day, But It Should Be Everyday

What is National Caregivers Day? Many people and organizations wait until November – the main month where most Americans already express gratitude for their many…

live and die with dignity elder care atlanta fiduciary responsibility

Fiduciary Responsibility When Serving As A Trustee/Executor/Agent

Many people typically hear the term ‘fiduciary’ as it relates to financial advisors. However, the term – and the idea of fiduciary responsibility – defines…

elder care in Georgia

Elder Care: How To Select An Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility For Yourself Or A Loved One

When it comes to elder care, most people when asked typically say that they would love to stay in their own homes until they pass….

Miller trust and Medicaid

Miller Trusts / Qualified Income Trusts

Understanding Miller Trusts and Qualified Income Trusts Can Be Tricky, But Necessary… Far too many people get caught late in life draining their savings and…

independent health advocates provide important services for elder orphans and solo seniors

Elder Orphans And Solo Seniors: Independent Health Advocates Provide Important Services

If you are 65 or older, live alone and have no spouse, children, or other family members, you could be an elder orphan or a…

having a will in your Atlanta asset protection plan or estate plan

Asset Protection Atlanta: Having a Will or Estate Plan that Designates Heirs Is Vital

When estate management and asset protection is important to you, having a will is critical. When someone dies without having a will or estate plan…

create an estate plan - gift yourself something that benefits your entire family

Create An Estate Plan: Gift Yourself Something That Benefits Your Entire Family

When you think of your Christmas gifts, “create an estate plan” probably isn’t at the top of your list. But it should be! What’s at…

elder care tips to prepare family members for visiting loved ones with cognitive decline atlanta ga

Elder Care Tips: Prepare Family Members For Visiting Loved Ones With Cognitive Decline

Elder care can be especially tough over the holidays. Especially if family members visit who haven’t seen loved ones with cognitive decline in a while….

charitable giving with estate plans and estate planning what you need to know

Estate Plans and Charitable Giving: What You Need to Know

When it comes to charitable giving, estate plans can be a great tool to get this done. Since 2012, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become…

estate plan exit plan - having an exit plan is part of living well estate planning atlanta ga

An Estate Plan Exit Plan Is Part Of Living Well

We humans love to talk about how well we live. We start out young and go about our business of striving to “live the good…

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