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Summertime And The Pandemic Is On My Mind

COVID-19 the elderly summertime and the pandemic

Living in Georgia, as I do, the beautiful Ray Charles song, Georgia On My Mind, is a favorite. Also, Summertime And The Living Is Easy, has been a favorite. And, yes, I do realize I have combined both of them in the title of this blog.  As we move deeper into the summer months, however, I realize I have only one new tune that’s getting old playing in a loop on my mind: The pandemic. I wonder how we, as a nation are going to stay safe and still enjoy this favorite time of the year. I wonder how my family, friends, colleagues and clients are going to fare.


This is probably the first time any of us have had to face a summer with no baseball and no ice cream trucks. There will be no gathering together in community pools where the kids can play in joyful abandon. When I asked my son what he was going to do for the day, he replied, “whatever I can with all this social distancing.”  It feels like the pandemic is stretching a massive NO FUN sign across the summer.


No Peace I Find

With that being said, I also know there are people, way too many people who have bigger issues on their mind. Too many are wondering: How am I going to honor my loved one who died from coronavirus? How am I going to manage everything they left behind? How will they find peace? How will I make peace with what has happened? Am I safe? Are my children safe? Are my clients safe? Will I get the virus too?


My heart goes out to all the people who have lost loved ones as a result of this pandemic, either directly or indirectly. I’m beginning to read about people who have had serious surgical procedures postponed due to COVID-19 and have subsequently died because they didn’t get the procedure they needed. In fact, my father-in-law has been scheduled for heart surgery for the past few weeks and is still waiting.  The domino effect is sure to reveal many more tragic events as we move through this historic time.


Plan For The Worst

I see pandemic fatigue setting in as people are pushing against the restrictions that we are not accustomed to abiding by. I feel it in my own bones. I see it in my family and friends. It’s inevitable. My prayer is that the situation doesn’t get worse before it gets better.


As an estate and asset protection attorney, it is my hope that those who have been putting off creating a solid will and establishing an estate and asset protection plan will take action now. Uncertainty and fear is often the strongest motivator. If you have children, young or adult, and you want your belongings, however meager, to be distributed in a specific way to specific loved ones, you owe it to yourself and to your beneficiaries to take action now.


Have Fun And Practice Safety Protocols

Whatever you do to have fun this summer, please keep safety protocols in mind and practice them to the best of your abilities. You never know who you will be coming into contact with, so for the safety of those you love and those you don’t even know, please make your mask a badge of respect for those who are working to save lives and for those who’ve already lost the battle.


Expect The Best

When all is said and done, the best any of us can do is to follow the safety guidelines and enjoy the time we have with our families. We can all hope for and expect the very best, knowing that the brightest minds are working to come up with a vaccine and that eventually this novel virus will become a thing that we all remember looking back at the summer of 2020!



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