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When You Care Enough To Be A Caregiver

when you care enough to be a caregiver

Through my work helping families and individuals sort out their legal and financial affairs at varying stages of life, I know that many people take on the role of caregiver to a relative or other loved one without understanding how overwhelming the job can be. Once embarked in the position, caregivers can begin to feel very alone and ignored in the work they do. The truth is though, you are definitely not alone.


As the Baby Boom population continues to swell the ranks of the elderly population, not only are those needing care aging, but their caregivers are aging as well. In fact according to some recently compiled statistics, 34% of caregivers are over 65 years of age!


Caregivers are typically relatives or paid assistants who consistently provide care for the elderly or people with disabilities. Spouses, friends, parents, or other family members usually take on the role of caregivers and many take it on as an unpaid role. You may be surprised to learn that there are currently more than 40 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S.


Knowing that you are not alone but are one among a very large group of people who care enough to give another human being the care they want, need and deserve may be enough to keep you motivated when the going gets tough. Sometimes it helps to see where you are in this growing group of people who care. For instance, you may not know that:


– 92% of caregivers are providing 21 hours or more per week

– 48% of caregivers are between the ages of 18 and 49

– 34% of caregivers are over 65 years of age

– Caregivers spend an average of 13 days a month on tasks like shopping, preparing food, house cleaning, laundry, transport and administering medication


If you would like to see more statistics about just how many people are engaged in caring for loved ones, here is the perfect website:


If the person in your care has not yet created a will, estate or asset protection plan and has asked you to help them with this important task, give us a call. We are helping many people get their legal and financial affairs in order as COVID-19 is providing the necessary  motivation for getting this important business done.


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