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Nursing Homes Grabbing Stimulus Checks Is A No-No

nursing homes stimulus checks and COVID-19

If you have a loved one residing in a nursing home, this one’s for you. You’ve heard the saying, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” This is a humorous way of letting someone know that, “Everything belongs to me!” We are getting a little too used to hearing variations of this today. But, it’s happening in one place so severely that the IRS issued a warning about it. The warning goes out to nursing homes taking possession of the Economic Impact Payments that are specifically meant as an advance refund for 2020 taxes.

As a recent article points out, “The warning comes amid reports that some facilities have been taking the payments and claiming they belong to the nursing home and not the patient, especially if they are receiving Medicaid. The IRS made clear that the stimulus payments, which provide upwards of $1,200 for individual taxpayers and $2,400 for couples under the CARES Act, belong to the recipients and not the organizations providing the care.”

This unlawful thievery is happening in nursing homes all around the country. Those whose care is being provided by Medicaid are being threatened with expulsion from facilities if they don’t hand over their EIP payments. Keep in mind also that nursing homes are one of the hardest-hit areas for the coronavirus. So these vulnerable people are being taken advantage of left and right.

If your loved one is a nursing home resident, please make sure that they received their EIP. If they didn’t you may need to investigate further. If you need more information you can find details and If we can be of help, please give our office a call.



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