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A Few Of The Positive Things COVID Has Taught Us

Despite the hardships and challenges COVID-19 has posed during the past year, there is a multitude of positives that have come out of this historic time. And there are certain to be more to come as we navigate toward some sort of an “ending.”

Behavioral changes, many of which are likely here to stay will be the norm for those born during the pandemic. Yet for the rest of us, we will remember a time that was mask-less and when freedom meant fearlessly gathering together in shoulder-to-shoulder crowds to be entertained, to shop, to celebrate, to mourn, to simply walk the streets of a crowded city. Who knows if we will get there again? That’s anyone’s guess. But in the meantime, we can look at the wonderful things that we were not aware of pre-pandemic.

Family Matters More Than We Realized: From record numbers of adult kids moving back in with their parents to grandparents being cared for in the homes of their adult children, a new appreciation for intergenerational living has been a revelation for some families during the pandemic. For others, isolation from loved ones has sparked this new appreciation. Many people haven’t been able to visit or hug family and friends with whom they do not cohabitate. The good news is that at least we live in the digital world which allows us to see each other even if we can’t reach out and hug each other.

Self-Care Is Not Self-Indulgence: Activities that once felt indulgent became essential to our health and equilibrium, and hopefully that self-care mindset will endure. We learned that it’s okay to use comfort as a crutch. Comfort will help us ease back to life.  Being good to yourself offers a necessary reprieve from whatever horrors threaten us from out there.

Nature Matters More Than We Realized: From the beginning, with shelter-in-place orders in effect, we were still allowed to go out of doors. Neighborhoods became active with people walking, running, and bicycling in family groups. Mother Nature suddenly played a more important role when theme parks, theaters, restaurants, malls, and other forms of indoor entertainment were off-limits. And even for those who can’t get outside, there are multiple resources for virtual outdoor tours that also have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of the home-bound.

These are just a few of the many ways that Covid-19 has taught us to appreciate ourselves and each other. Perhaps you’ll compile your own list of wonderful things you’ve learned through this historic event. Maybe there are things you would like to stay. It might be enjoyable as a family activity to discuss those things that you appreciate more than ever.


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