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Why Estate Planning? A Good Life Includes Having A Well Thought Out Exit Plan

Image of living will estate planning asset protection plan advanced directive  on estate management asset protection law site

Why do we need to think about estate planning?

We all do our best to enjoy our time on this earth. We pursue our dreams. We face our challenges. We discover our weaknesses and our strengths. We teach our children to the best of our abilities and watch them grow. We sometimes feel like our lives are never-ending. But then we have to acknowledge and face the fact that our days on this earth are numbered. This is not a morbid thought, it’s just a fact. And a good life includes planning for a good exit from this earthly plane.

Making arrangements for how we want to be cared for should we become incapacitated and making sure we have the means to be cared for in the way we desire will complete the circle of a good life.

If your healthcare wishes are not known, your families are forced into the terrible position of trying to guess what you would want. Just imagine your loved ones having to weigh the pros and cons of feeding tubes, artificial respiration, and CPR. Regardless of what treatment is or is not pursued, loved ones can be wracked with guilt over the idea that it might not have been what you would have wanted.

Establishing an estate and asset protection plan which includes an advance directive or living will, removes the burden of doubt from your loved ones.

It also provides clear direction for your healthcare and final arrangements. This ensures the smooth handling of your estate on your passing.

These kind of arrangements made well in advance of serious illness or mental incapacity is important. Plans can be modified if necessary, but once you become incapacitated, it’s much more difficult to establish such a plan. No one knows if or when they will become ill or when their days on this earth will come to an end. And as we all know, there are so few things we have control over in our lives. So, having a plan for those things we can have a degree of control over elicits even greater love and respect from those loved ones left behind – just like the good life you’ve lived sets an example for your loved ones to follow.

Give us a call. We’ll help you create a good exit plan.


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