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Elder Care Tips: When It’s Time To Consider Placing A Loved One In Skilled Nursing Care

elder care tips when it's time to put a loved one in nursing care estate planning atlanta ga

When it comes to elder care tips, one of the most difficult decisions facing family members who are caregivers might have to make is if and when it is time to place a loved one into skilled nursing care.

There are times when placing a loved one in skilled nursing care is essential, not only for the safety and health of the loved one, but also for the health of the caregiver.

Even if the family member has long-term care insurance, he or she may be reluctant or resistant to leave their home. Yet, if they are immobile and unable to perform basic care and need to be physically moved, it could become dangerous for both the caregiver and the loved one to continue in the home environment.

If your loved one has late-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia, it may be time to make the move to skilled nursing care. Even though many with Alzheimer’s can live at home for years with good support, in the late stage, it may become difficult to feed, change, bathe and move them without the help of full time medically trained staff.

Another difficulty could be if your loved one has other health conditions in combination with Alzheimer’s. For instance, diabetes, heart, and lung issues present complications on their own. For a person with Alzheimer’s these other health challenges could make it difficult and unsafe to manage at home. In many cases, support devices may be required. Under these kinds of circumstances, skilled nursing care is essential.

Something else to be aware of when considering elder care tips is the frequency of accidents and minor injuries.

When these become more common, it’s time to reassess the living situation that is best for both, you and your loved one.


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