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An Estate Plan Exit Plan Is Part Of Living Well

estate plan exit plan - having an exit plan is part of living well estate planning atlanta ga

We humans love to talk about how well we live. We start out young and go about our business of striving to “live the good life.” Of course, that means different things to different people. However, for most, it should include an estate plan exit plan.

The fact is so many people spend the bulk of their lives focused on achieving the things and experiences. They think this constitutes their version of the good life. So much so that they totally forget to think about what they would like their final days here to be like!

An estate plan exit plan helps us plan for our final days, whether we want to or not.

And then we got a big fat reminder that things don’t always go the way we think they should: the global pandemic of 2020.

We saw so many loved ones, friends and acquaintances dealing with sudden, unexpected deaths. Many experienced what happens when a loved one dies and has given no thought whatsoever to the way they want to be cared for and treated at the end of life. And, when the end comes so much sooner than you thought it might, the burden for making those tough decisions is placed on those left behind. The same thing happens when an event occurs that causes mental incompetence. The difficult decision-making shifts to loved ones.

How many times must we be reminded that unimaginable things happen that take so many people off this earthly plane by surprise or leave them physically intact but mentally incapable? More and more people are getting the message that it’s a good idea to make important decisions about end-of-life treatment sooner rather than later.

An Estate Plan Is Also An Exit Plan For Anyone 18 Years Of Age And Older

No one knows exactly how or when they will be taking leave of this earthly plane. But while you are here, and while you are healthy and mentally competent, you can think about and plan to the best of your ability for things that are within your control. For instance, a medical directive is a written statement of your wishes regarding medical treatment. You can pre-plan and pre-pay for a variety of things like funeral arrangements and more that will take the pressure off loved ones. Any adult age 18 or older can create an estate plan. So many young people today have valuable businesses and possessions they would like to bestow upon friends and family members should something happen to them.

When you create an estate plan, you can decide which of your friends or loved ones you would like to make financial and healthcare decisions for you. You can decide what kind of care you would like to receive should you no longer be able to make decisions for yourself.

Create An Estate Plan To Live Well And Die Knowing Your Affairs Are In Order

Just as you spend time imagining what living well means to you, it’s a good idea to also spend time imagining your end of life. We can’t plan exactly how or when we will exit, but should you be fortunate enough to grow old or have an illness that doesn’t interfere with your mental capacity, you will have even more time to review and refine your exit plan to perfection. You will also get to feel a sense of accomplishment when you see how relieved your loved ones are when they don’t have to make important decisions on your behalf.

Exit Plans Are Our Specialty

Living well, aging well, and dying well are inseparably connected. Give my office a call at 404-370-0696 and let’s discuss your exit plan. If you already have an estate plan and want to revisit it to make adjustments or want to create one for the first time, we are here for you. Remember that October is National Estate Planning Awareness Month and is a great time to take this important step.


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