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March 3rd Is National Caregivers Day, But It Should Be Everyday

options for long-term care and National Caregivers Day

What is National Caregivers Day?

Many people and organizations wait until November – the main month where most Americans already express gratitude for their many blessings – to acknowledge caregivers throughout that month. However, should National Caregivers Day be just one day?

I don’t know how the month and the designated day of March 3rd got so far apart, but, in my opinion, caregivers deserve to be celebrated, recognized and greatly appreciated every single day of every month throughout the year. Caregivers are the unsung heroes of our age. Did you know that 29% of the U.S. population – that’s about 65 million people – are caregivers? Over 40 million of those caregivers are unpaid and include many as young as 15 years of age.

Unpaid caregivers deserve special recognition on National Caregivers Day and every day… even though they do not seek it or expect recognition.

They typically do what they do because it needs to be done and because it is the right thing to do. They give their time and attention freely and often they spend their own money to care for a loved one, usually an elderly family member. Caregiving can be a thankless task. If you have a caregiver tending to someone you love, take some time, even if it is not on March 3rd, to show your appreciation.

So, give them a simple thank you or send a card or email expressing your appreciation. Better yet, if possible, give them a day off. If you feel like it, you can designate your very own day – maybe even one day each month – to acknowledge a caregiver. The importance of caregivers cannot be underestimated. They save this country literally billions of dollars each year. Paid or unpaid, let the caregiver in your life know how much you appreciate their service.


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